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May 28th, 2019


The Hautes Fagnes is a natural park located in Belgium in the South of the province of Liège, in the Walloon region, and which stretches over an area of more than 4,200 ha.

The natural park of the Hautes Fagnes is full of incomparable riches, both in terms of its fauna and its flora.

Our Lodgings are located at the ends of the natural park in the village of Xhoffraix, Unemployed and Malmedy.


You can discover in the natural park of the Hautes Fagnes an important area of peatlands.

The bog is the result of a very humid terrain but also of the decomposition of plants.
Peatlands have been a very important resource for the inhabitants of the area for the heating of homes.

Many walks are organized in the natural park of the Hautes Fagnes by experts from the region.

In winter, you can also come and practice ski back into the reserve. It is obvious that if you want to come for a walk with your family, it is forbidden to leave the trails. You absolutely have to follow the signtracks.

In the high Fagnes reserve, you will also have the opportunity to discover rare plants such as cranberries, Andromeda, trientale, arnicas but also rhynchospore.

The Hautes Fagnes region is a pleasant area to spend a quiet stay in one of the cottages of the Lodomez family.


Created in 1957, the Hautes Fagnes nature reserve is since 1971 called natural park Hautes Fagnes Eifel. Contrary to what its name suggests, the Hautes Fagnes reserve has nothing to do with the Fagne, which is another natural region located in France and Belgium.